A note from Sofi Chabowski, founder of Eggs & Soldiers and mum of four

I’m hoping you have stumbled across our site in search of a more natural way of raising your family.

Well, that’s exactly why I started Eggs & Soldiers, so I am delighted to say you’re in the right place!

As a mum of four little ones (Kaya, 6; Luka, 4; Mason, 3 and baby Zenia), I’ve made it my mission to make eco-conscious baby, child and parent-friendly products more accessible in the Middle East.

Every product on the Eggs & Soldiers site and within our store at Times Square Centre in Dubai is of unrivalled, premium quality, and has been extensively researched and tested on the most critical, demanding and VIP judging panel I have – my children.

At Eggs & Soldiers, we want to take the guesswork out of living a more ‘naturally-inclined’ lifestyle. We want you to know that every item you purchase from us will not only be the purest option for your family, but will go some way to creating a better world. We’ve sought out the most budget friendly options for you to be able to do that, and we can spot an ‘organic’ marketing gimmick a mile off.

For me, it all began with the (brilliance of!) cloth diapers, and that’s still a subject you’ll find me pioneering throughout the UAE. Education is at the core of Eggs & Soldiers, and that’s why we are here to offer advice, personal recommendations and invite you to come into the store for a browse or try-on session any time you like.

Here’s to a more natural way.