Spectra | Cooler Kit

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Pink Cooler is insulated, allowing breast milk to be kept cold longer. Easy to clean. Holds up to 6 Spectra Wide Neck Bottles.

Main Features
Well-insulated lining with two-way zipper
Lightweight and portable breast milk cooler bag
Sturdy handle for a perfect grip
Ice Pack Nano Silver ? for keeping your milk safe and cool
Accommodates a maximum of 6 baby bottles
Contains 2 BPA Free milk storage bottles
Warranty 90 Days
More Details

Our stylish cooler kit allows mothers to pump wherever they go. You can take it to work, on short trips, or use it to drop off breastfeeding supplies at the daycare.

Mamas will love this cute breast milk storage bag with insulated padding and a two-way zipper.

It comes with two Spectra milk storage bottles (BPA Free) and holds four more. Besides this, the kit includes the ultra-cool Ice Pack Nano Silver that keeps pumped milk at a safe, cool temperature. Its nano silver coating has the feature of deodorizing, sterilizing, and performing effectively against the propagation of germs. It is reusable for up to 1 year and stays cold 2-3 times longer than ice.

As a result, you have the peace of mind that your milk is kept at the optimum temperature.

The Cooler Kit is your best travel companion when you are taking your little one out for a day trip.

What?s in the box?
1 x cooler bag
1 x ice pack nano silver
2 x milk storage bottle, 160 ml

One (1) Spectra Pink Cooler Bag with handle and insulated interior.
One (1) Gel Freezer Ice Pack.
Two (2) Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Includes cap, disc, and lid for each Bottle.