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This is meant for the mums who are already pumping but need to replace their Backflow Protector or need a spare one.

This listing is for 1 x Backflow Protector only ? if you?re looking for a set including more accessories please have a look at the Breast Shield Set .

Spectra Backflow Protector is compatible with all electric Spectra pumps.

If you are double pumping, you will require two pieces.

In order to avoid any issues with your breast pump, which might void your warranty, Spectra Baby strongly recommends using only original accessories along with your Spectra Breast Pump.

Milk in the backflow protector is completely normal
If milk is getting into your backflow protector, that?s completely normal! It?s the backflow protector?s job to keep milk from entering the tubing, protecting the pump motor from damage from moisture, mold, and bacteria. Some women find milk in their backflow protectors on a regular basis, and that?s a good thing ? it means you have a powerful letdown and that?s fantastic.

What do I do if there?s milk in my backflow protectors?
If there?s milk or condensation in your backflow protector, simply pop it apart and wash it as you normally do your other pumping parts. Make sure it?s had time to completely air dry prior to reassembling it. If you?re someone who frequently finds milk in the backflow protector, you may consider getting a second set of backflow protectors so you will always have a clean, dry set to use while pumping.

How often do I need to replace the backflow protector?

You need to replace your backflow protectors regularly. Over time, the elasticity of the silicone membrane wears down which impacts suction, and that can have a negative impact on your milk supply. When the elasticity is worn down, the pump motor has to work harder than it normally does to maintain the same level of suction, which reduces the overall life of the motor. The worn-out silicone membrane also loses its airtight and watertight seal. If you don?t replace the backflow protectors, you?re risking moisture or milk entering the tubing and the pump motor.

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