Baltic Amber Necklace – Pop Clasp

Amber necklaces are used to ease baby’s teething discomfort. These necklaces are Baltic Amber and each bead is individually knotted. They are available in both polished and raw (un-polished) finish and several different colours.

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What We Say:

Amber contains an analgesic substance called succinic acid which is released by the beads in response to the warmth of the child’s body and absorbed through the skin. These amber necklaces are of the highest quality amber and are carefully knotted between each bead. They are available in either screw clasps or pop clasps (pop clasp will open when pulled, screw clasp will not) and also polished or raw bead finishes.

What They Say:

Each necklace only contains high grade amber beads to ensure that natural oils are released.
Necklaces are made only from round and smooth beads so they are very comfortable for baby’s skin and will not cause any sensitivity.
All teething necklaces are designed so that they would ensure maximum safety for your baby. They come together plastic clasps that uses screw thread and they are glued to the barrel of the clasp.
Every beads in teething necklaces are knotted between each other.

How To Tell If Amber Is Genuine Or Fake?
Our Company only sells genuine and natural Amber, which comes from Baltic Sea. So you will not find any fake jewelry or supplies of Amber from us. There are a lot of different tests that you can do in order to determine if your Amber is real or fake. To be completely sure whether your Amber is genuine or not you should consider doing at least a couple of different tests. If it fails one or two tests there is a high possibility that it is not real.
One of the most popular methods for testing is to do a Smell test. Real Amber tends to diffuse a smell, which is similar to pine resins and it is quite difficult to obtain it when making not real Amber. When fake Amber is heated it usually diffuses burnt plastic smell and Copal – sweet resins. Real and genuine Amber smell is similar to pine-tree resins.

The other good way to tell if Amber is real or fake is to do Scratch test. Since real Amber is smooth you will be able to scratch it, which is not a case with most other fakes who tend to be harder. Hot Needle is another popular test that you can do on Amber. Heat the needle until it becomes red and then push it gently into the Amber. If it is real Amber you should notice pine tree resins smell (similar to Christmas tree) and also needle might create some cracks since it is a bit fragile stone. In case the needle goes in very easily and you can smell sweet resins most likely it is Copal.

To separate Amber from plastic imitations you can also do Saltwater test. Simply fill 1/3 of cup with salt and then fill the other part with water. Stir it well until salt is completely dissolved. After that add your necklace, bracelet or other type of Amber jewelry into this water. Both glass and plastic imitations will sink and Copal & real Amber should float in this water easily.

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