Easy Peasy Bambeasy

Easy Peasy Bambeasy

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Easy Peasy Bambeasy is a birth-to-potty shaped diaper made from bamboo with a stay-dry fleece lining, keeping baby feeling dry. Fits approx 7-35lbs.

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What We Say:

My ultimate night time diaper for all ages! Being bamboo it is highly absorbent which makes it perfect to last 12+hrs overnight. It DOES take longer to dry than other fabrics so it MAY not dry overnight particularly at cooler times of the year. Like the Bumble (same diaper but made of cotton) it is birth-to-potty and adjusts in size by folding the top inside itself (see video) and using the appropriate row of snaps, there are 3 rows. The booster it comes with attaches with snaps and folds out to speed up drying. The diaper is fleece lined which keeps baby feeling dry, but if you prefer a natural fabric next to babys skin, just lay the booster on top of the fleece rather than tucking it inside the pocket. You can also add additional boosters inside the pocket (I add 1 extra bamboo booster from about 9-12 months onwards to allow the diaper to last overnight)
You can use this diaper from newborn, although like all birth-to-potty diapers it may be a little bulky on a smaller newborn and I would also question whether the more absorbent (and expensive!) bamboo is warranted for a newborn.

This diaper requires a separate waterproof cover. Once the cover is on, feel around the edges to make sure none of the diaper is poking out as this will wick moisture onto clothes. Change the Bambeasy at every diaper change but re-use the cover for 3 or 4 changes, providing it is not soiled.

This diaper is also available in Cotton and is called the “Easy Peasy Bumble”

What They Say:

A birth to potty diaper made out of lovely soft bamboo. For those wishing for more absorbency. Bamboo is more absorbent than normal terry although it is slower drying. It is made to the design of the Bumble diaper and is available only in popper fastening. It has a versatile removable inner booster which can be removed to reduce bulk for use on newborns. Once the inner booster is removed the diaper can be folded “inside itself” using inner poppers to reduce rise. The removable flap out booster has he added advantage of reducing drying times.??

Size approx. 7lbs – 35lbs??
Designed and hand made in Oxfordshire

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2 reviews for Easy Peasy Bambeasy

  1. Twin Mum

    Just tried the Easy Peasy bamboo nappies at night and they were brilliant! 12 hrs, no leaks and no red bums. Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Ellie AE

    Very happy with this one. It has made night time cloth diapering very easy. I don’t have to worry about leaks. This+ blueberry coveralls… 12 hours till morning.

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