Easy Peasy Eco-Bimble

Easy Peasy Eco-Bimble

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Easy Peasy Bimble is a newborn size shaped diaper made of cotton. It requires a separate waterproof cover. Fits approx. 5-15lbs.

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What We Say:

Very similar to the Bimble except instead of the booster being attached it is separate. It also doesn’t have the extra layer stitched in the ‘crotch ‘ that the Bimble has. This is counteracted by the booster being made of bamboo rather than cotton. Overall, the Eco-Bimble is slightly less absorbent than the Bimble. Having sadi that, it is still an equally great diaper. It has no fastening so it’s a good idea to use a snappi to secure it, or use a good fitting cover to secure it.
If you are expecting multiples or a low birthweight baby I would highly recommend this diaper, over the Bimble. Reason being, you can remove the booster to reduce the bulkiness, then turn the top on the diaper inside itself a bit to reduce the rise height (see our video). Then fasten it on baby and put a cover over the top (the Blueberry mini-coverall works really well can can be adjusted to the smallest setting too). This makes a REALLY tiny diaper that will provide enough absorbency for a tiny baby.

The bamboo insert that it comes with can be used to boost other diapers later on, once your baby has outgrown their newborn diapers. It is 2 layers of bamboo terry. The Bamboo boosters we sell (3 pack) are 3 layers of bamboo terry, so this booster is less absorbent, but will still provide some extra absorbency.

The only down side to the Eco-Bimble, other than it being less absorbent than the Bimble, is that you have to partner up the diaper and insert when they come out the wash and have dried, rather than it being attached as in the Bimble.

This diaper requires a separate waterproof cover. Having a separate cover means you have 2 layers of defense against explosive liquid newborn poo! This combination is unlikely to leak. Once the cover is on, feel around the edges to make sure none of the diaper is poking out as this will wick moisture onto clothes. Change the Bimble at every diaper change but re-use the cover for 3 or 4 changes, providing it is not soiled.

What They Say:

We have come up with the Eco Bimble to make it affordable to have small newborn diapers. We know newborn diapers can be a big outlay for a few months so this diaper set makes it affordable.?This diaper has the bonus of having a separate bamboo booster within the price so this can be kept and used in future larger diapers.??

The Eco Bimble is made from a layer of towelling with a micro fleece lining. It has a pouch opening and comes with a separate two layer bamboo booster which you tuck inside the diaper to give the diaper absorbancy.??It is gently elasticated around the back and legs so gives a nice fit.

The diaper needs a waterproof outer and can be fastened with a snappi or diaper pin (neither supplied)??
Fits approx 7lbs- 15lbs??

** Hand Made and Designed in Oxfordshire **

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Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions17 × 6 × 5 cm

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