Newborn All-In-One Hire Kit

Newborn All-In-One Hire Kit

AED 476.19

Rent this set of newborn size all-in-one and pocket diapers to give cloth a go before committing to buying your own. Hire period – 3 months.


“AED 500 rental fee + AED 500 deposit”

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What We Say:

16 Newborn All-In-One/Poket diapers
4 Newborn Shaped diapers
2 Covers
2 Snappi
1 Bucket
2 Laundry Mesh
1 Liners Try-All Pack

This pack allows for washing every other day.

“AED 500 rental fee + AED 500 deposit”

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1 review for Newborn All-In-One Hire Kit

  1. Yan

    Absolutely fantastic way for getting acquainted with the wide array of resusable nappies out there. Sofi will go through them with you and supply everything. No liners included (but these are unecessary until baby starts weaning…by which time they would have grown out of the newborn hire kit).

    Financially they make sense also. At 1AED/nappy and with a newborn going through ~8nappies/day, 3mnth worth of disposables is going to cost you 720AED. The hire kit essentially costs 500AED (the other 500AED is a deposit only) and is yours for 3mnths…saving you 220AED. Definitely also worth buying the reusable wipes if you are considering buying these.

    In addition the regular sized reusable all in one nappies will generally be too big (despite claiming they fit newborns), yet buying a stash of newborn reusables may not be cost effective as they will only last ~3mnths before they grow out of it.

    My son was 3.2kg (7.7lbs) at birth 38wks and we upgraded to the regular size nappies when he was 11wks old at 5.8kg (12.8lbs).

    My husband was very sceptical initally e.g. with the extra washing and potential poo involved but completely changed once he started using them. No nappy rashes, no explosive poos.

    We washed every alternate day/every 2days and used one waitrose non-bio tablet/wash (pre-rinse – wash 60′ – final rinse). Newborn poo does not smell and your washing machine will clean it beautifully with no harm to your other laundry. You will have to be a little organised to figure out how it will work in your household…better to have thought it through before the baby arrives.

    Our preferences? poppers over velcro(velcro wears down quicker, you need to put the laundry tabs on and there are stories that toddlers pull open velcro themselves), bum geniuses for daytime (Blueberry have cuter prints but are bulkier as they are pockets), not pocket nappies (more work and bulkier), Bambeasy and a wrap for night time

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