Hevea Kids Swim Fins

Hevea Kids Swim Fins

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Hevea Kids Swim Fins Natural Rubber and Plastic Free

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What They Say:

Are you looking for ways to leave a greener fingerprint this swim season? HEVEA’s fun and environmentally friendly fins are unique to the market, made from 100% natural rubber and up-cycled rubber. These mini flippers are available in three sizes in both peach and mint. The foot pocket is crafted from 100% pure natural rubber which provides a refined, soft and flexible fit. Both you and the little one will appreciate the open toe and the heel tab making the fins easy to take on and take off. The fins are sold in a reusable cotton mesh bags to be planet friendly.

Details & Specifications:
Ocean friendly:
None of us like plastic floating around the ocean. With that in mind, Hevea has created a plastic-free and compostable swim fin for kids. Natural rubber is compostable, which means that with a bit of time in nature, it will completely biodegrade without leaving any toxic waste behind. Even the colors used in the blades are made from natural minerals. We know you won’t intentionally leave the swim fins behind, but you can rest assured that if you accidentally loose a fin, it will biodegrade.
Stylish Flippers for kids:
The Hevea Swim Fins are for playing, swimming or snorkeling. Perfect for fun at the beach or in the pool. Choose between two stylish colours:

  • Mottled Mint
  • Mottled Peach

Mesh bag included:
The organic cotton mesh bag is ideal for carrying the flippers to and from the beach or pool.
Natural Rubber Soft Swim Fins:
The soft natural rubber foot pocket is soft and comfortable on your child’s feet. They are easy to take on and off and will stay secure to the foot. The orthopedic foot pocket minimizes the risk of getting wounds or irritated marks on the heels or upper foot.
For training and swimming aid:
The short blade is perfect for beginners as well as trained kids. Swim fins encourage new kinds of play in the water and enhance your child’s swimming technique by elongating their kick from the hips rather than the knee.

More Features:

  • ?SWIM FINS for KIDS for fun the pool or at the beach ? COMFORTABLE soft fit for kids. Easy to get on and off. Choose between three kids sizes.
  • ♻ UP-CYCLED RUBBER fins and 100% pure natural rubber foot pocket
  • ? OCEAN FRIENDLY materials – plastic-free and biodegradable natural rubber
  • Fun FASHIONABLE FLIPPERS for kids. Open toe and heeltap makes the fins easy to take on and off
  • Comes in a reusable cotton mesh bags.
  • Improves Body Position: The natural rubber floats and helps keep you child’s legs up. This dramatically improves their body position while swimming.
  • Easy to Walk-in: You don’t want your child to stumble in the fins on the pool deck. The Hevea swim fins are just the right length for your child to be able to walk in them along the pool side.
  • Comfortable and Easy to Get on and Take off: The Hevea Swim Fins are easy for your kid to get on and take off without your assistance. Yet they also stay on, when they should. The soft natural rubber foot pocket is open to the toes and is comfortable for his/her feet.

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