Henry's Fish Tales | Henry and Bubbles Close & Flip Book

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Poor Henry is feeling sleepless at night! He has so many questions roaming around in his mind. See what he learns about life from his conversation with Bubbles and how he can finally go to sleep. Flip the book around and dive into a short rhythmic story about Henry and how he explores words. Two colorful illustrated stories around Henry in one Close & Flip Book!

This children-book is written in dyslexia-friendly font by John Felton to ensure that every kid can equally read and enjoy story and rhymes. Follow Henry's day with rhymes that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Enriched with fascinating illustrations from Andy Hunt that will keep kid's eyes glued to every page as the illustrations spark imagination.

John Felton is a Dubai-based author and proud grandfather. During the time he spent with his grandchildren they engaged in fun stories around Henry. Follow the journey of Henry and learn about his encounters with different characters and how he tackles difficult situations in the popular Henry's Fish Tales series.

All books are provided in robust hardcover that ensures extra longevity. This Close & Flip Book features the two stories 'Henry & Bubbles' and 'Henry & Words' in one large format and colorful book that simply sticks out from the crowd. All books are printed in dyslexia-friendly font to ensure that all kids can equally enjoy following the stories of Henry