Oyuncak House | Alphabet Tracing Board Arabic

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The engraved letter tracing board from Oyuncak House offers your child a sustainable way to practice early pre-writing skills in Arabic. The wooden set comes with a spindle/stylus to trace letters inside the curved grooves. Alternatively, switching to a finger-tracing technique from time to time will only reinforce neural activity in certain sections of the brain.

The educational toy?s warm and earthy scents activate your child?s senses and connect him/her to nature. This handmade and modern eco-friendly wooden toy is produced from linden trees and coated with natural oils in the traditional ways by Oyuncak House

Side Note: Solid wood is unique, thus every produced piece may quite often vary in colour and natural structural and discolouration patterns, than shown on images of our online store. Sometimes due to certain textural knots, the result of wood finishing may show cosmetic flaws, which do not at all downgrade functionality of the educational toy.

Don?t forget to integrate small stones, beads and balls into learning activities ? simply place them into the grooves and sort, for example, by colour per letter, type of material per letter, etc. An amazing tool for self-regulation!

  • Care instructions: Wooden toys might leave oily stains due to its recent production, keep away from valuable items and preserve them in an eco-friendly carton box or wrapped in clean paper, or in a canvas/cotton storage bag. Never soak a wooden toy in water. In case it got dirty, just spray/apply a tiny amount of gentle organic cleaner, wipe with a sponge or washcloth and a bit of warm water. Ensure to air dry the toy before storing or playing. Every once in a while, you need to replenish the moisture in the wood with boiled organic linseed oil.

Includes: 1 board, 1 stylus
Language: Arabic
Dimensions: 24 x 46 cm
Material: Linden wood