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The only rear-facing ISOfix car seat on the market approved for kids up to 125cm/23kg from Axkid. Includes the newborn insert, so is suitable from birth all the way to 7 years


Axkid ONE sets a new standard of car-seat safety. It is the only rear-facing ISOfix seat on the market that is i-Size approved up to 125 cm/23 kg, meaning your child can travel rear-facing for up to 2 years longer than in existing ISOfix seats on the market. Traveling rear-facing is up to 5 times safer for children all the way up to 6-7 years of age.

Strong and lightweight design innovated in Sweden
Axkid ONE is built with a new and innovative design that uses aluminum and hardened steel to form a lightweight safety frame that acts like a protective cocoon. The seat itself is built in shock-absorbing materials to minimize crash-forces upon impact. We also added ventilation holes in the seat to keep your child cool during the hot summer months. The whole seat weighs less than 10 kg allowing older and heavier children to travel rearward all the way up to 7 years of age.

Best legroom on the market
The Axkid ONE is mounted on rails (pat. pending) allowing the seat to be adjusted back and forth with just one hand up to 30 cm. This unique feature solves the past drawbacks with rear-facing seats. It is easier to install your child into the seat as the angle is wider. For older children the safety frame can act as a handle so they easily can climb in and out themselves. No need for swivel functions. Older children can travel comfortably up to 7 years or 125 cm and the oversize design of the anti-rotation bar means that they gain extra legroom compared to other seats in the market. Thanks to the rail-mounting it?s easy to give the front seat passenger extra space when needed without removing the seat from the car, just push back the seat towards the back seat. No other seat on the market has these features.

Quick and secure installation in 30 seconds
Many car seats, both forward-facing and rearward facing is to some extent installed incorrectly, impeding the safety of the seat. Therefore Axkid ONE features 6 self-explanatory installation steps and a self-tightening anti-rotation bar with a built?in audio cue telling you if the seat is in optimal position. Combined with ISOfix connectors and the lightweight construction which makes handling easy, we guarantee that you can install the seat in less than 30 seconds.

Comfort from 0-7 years of age
Axkid ONE comes equipped with the Sleepwell System allowing the seat angle to be adjusted all the way to 42 degrees. This means that Axkid ONE can be tilted to act as an infant carrier with the ONE+ cushion the first months. Also, older children will appreciate the angle and easier fall asleep on the road trip.

The Axkid One Plus (and One) was the first isofix seat on the market to fit a child over 18kgs! Up to 23kgs!! Isofix points can only hold 33kgs of weight (weight of car seat + weight of child). Isofix fitted car seat have historically been heavy (around 15kgs) meaning they max weight they can hold is an 18kg child. The Axkid One Plus (and One) weighs only 10kgs, leaving an allowance of 23kgs for the child! This is an incredible advancement as it allows us to use the seat much longer - both sustainable and pocket friendly!

The Axkid One Plus is not only lightweight, it also alllows a lot of leg room for the child. Its a rear-facing only seat for up to approx 7yrs old. Many parents worry "where will their legs go" if rear facing. Thats not a problem in general, but the Axkid One Plus (and One) allows for even more comfort. Rear facing is 5x safer up to 4yrs old (and beyond) so the longer we can keep our little ones rear-facing the better.

The difference between the One and One Plus is simply that the One Plus includes a removable infant insert making it suitable from newborn (40cm). The One does not include that insert (you cannot buy it separately).

In general, a car seat that spans a wide size/age rage does not get a good fit for a newborn (unitl approx 2 months) so i usually recommend an infant carrier initially, and then a different seat once that has been maxed out. However, the Axkid One Plus generally gets a great fit even from newborn.

  • Seat cover is machine washable at 30 ?C
  • 24-month warranty from date of purchase. Ensure you save your receipt and bring it to your place of purchase if you have any warranty issues.
The warranty does not cover:
  • - Normal wear and tear
  • - Damage due to incorrect use, neglect or accident
  • - If repairs have been carried out by a third party
  • - All materials used have a very high UV-resistance rating. - However, UV-light is very aggressive and will ultimately lead to fading of the seat cover. This is not covered by our warranty as it is considered normal wear and tear.

Approved age: 0-7 years
Approved weight: 0-23 kg
Approved length: 40-125 cm
Regulation: R-129 (i-Size)

Technical specifications
Width: 44 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth:m54 cm
Adaptable front brace feature position: Yes
Seating depth: 32 cm
Seating to buckle: 18 cm
Support leg max.: 52 cm
Support leg min.:26 cm
Adjustable support leg positions: x 14
Seat Weight: 10 kg

Car seat body material: EPP
Headrest material : EPP and Memory foam padding
Protecting frame material : High strength/ light weight aluminium
Structural materials : Automotive high strength steel
Backcover fabric : Mesh