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Make way for the toddler express! What do you do when big brother and sister are already riding the Mini Micro, and the littlest one wants to join in the fun but is still far too small? No problem ? thanks to the Mini Micro with seat! The smallest of toddlers can now enjoy just as much mobile fun as the Mini Micro Kids. The seat can be detached from the handlebar then, enabling riding in a standing position. And, when the kids are old enough for the Mini Micro, simply replace the handlebar with a conventional Mini Micro T-bar, and the product is transformed into our beloved Mini Micro! Now available as DELUXE version!

Weight: 1.99 kg - 2.2 kg
Handlebar height: 48.5 cm / 48 - 67 cm
Handlebar Removable: Yes
Handlebar Adjustable: Yes
Seat height: 22 / 29 cm
Seat Height-adjustable: Two heights
Seat Removable: Yes
Wheel Size: 120/80 mm
Wheel Material: PU
Wheel Type: 78? Shore A
Deck Width: 11 cm
Deck Length: 30 cm
Deck Material: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP)
Max. load: 20 kg with seat, 50 kg without