Micro | Maxi 4in1 Classic Scooter - Blue

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Carrying a rucksack is so yesterday,we prefer to ride today! The luggage revolution has now started for schoolkids - with the Maxi Micro 4in1 making the trip to school an experience guaranteeing a maximum fun factor. Our popular Maxi Micro is available with immediate effect as a quick-change artist with multi-functionality ? la micro. To take the weight off kids? backs, we have developed the Maxi Micro 4in1. The rucksack with its special ?xture can be transformed into a mobile piece of luggage in the twinkling of an eye!

Weight: 4 kg
Handlebar height: 68-91 cm
Foldable handlebar: No
Height adjustable handlebar: Yes
Wheel size: 120/80 mm
Wheel material: PU (Polyurethane) wheels
Deck width: 14.2 cm
Deck length: 33 cm
Deck material: Reinforced fibreglass PA
Max. load: 50 kg