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The Eggs & Soldiers ethos gets lots of media attention! Here are just some of our favourite articles.

“Chabowski says that reading the letters has been quite an emotional process, “and one that has also made the whole team feel very humbled and connected – to each other and to our customers.”

“Dubai’s Eggs & Soldiers has opened a back-to-school shop: The eco-friendly kids’ store is stocked with back-to-school essentials”

“Go Natural: Nicola Monteath interviews Sofi Chabowski, owner of Eggs & Soldiers, to explain why parents should make the switch.”

“Meet The UAE’s Eco-Warriors: With four children under the age of five, Sofi Chabowski came to cloth diapers from an economic perspective. That her choice sends less to the nation’s landfills is a wonderful bonus.”

“Eggs & Soldiers, launched by lifelong Dubai resident, businesswoman and supermum to four children, Sofi Chabowski, stocks exclusive, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, and locally-produced baby products, all under one roof.”

“There’s a much simpler way to do things, that’s more natural, without being expensive, and I wanted to share that with parents” – Sofi Chabowski, founder of Eggs & Soldiers.

“When we live in a desert that generates some of the world’s highest waste per capita: is there really anything we can do to make an eco difference? Absolutely, says Sofi Chabowski.”

“The Eco-Friendly Baby Store That’s Just Landed In The UAE: ‘Our ethos is simply to offer ‘A More Natural Way’.”

“All of our products have been tried and tested by our toughest customers – my kids!” – Sofi Chabowski, founder of Eggs & Soldiers.

“What Really Goes Into A Product: Looking for eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and locally-sourced products for your baby? Stop by the store of homegrown UAE brand, Eggs & Soldiers.”

“Children teach you so much about yourself, the world, and the people around you. My children have very different personalities, so I’m constantly learning how to adapt to each of them. Sometimes I get it right… sometimes, not so much!” – Sofi Chabowski, founder of Eggs & Soldiers.

“Chabowski aspires to open more stores across the emirates, and make Eggs & Soldiers even more accessible.”