Little Lamb | Washable Bamboo Wipes - Duck Egg

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Little Lamb rounded squares of double-sided knitted bamboo wipes are just the thing to use instead of spending heaps on disposable wet wipes.

Take them straight from the washer and pop in a sandwich box or sealable poly bag and you're sorted!

Scent them with a little lavender oil - well diluted of course - and keep some in your change bag. Being bamboo, they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so they stay fresh for longer than cotton.

15cm x 20cm.
Pack of 10
Available in 3 colours

Cloth wipes are such a simple and effective swap. Simply wet them with water before using to clean baby's bototm, or make your own simple wipes solution (my favourite is 1 cup camommile tea, 1 TBSP coconut oil, 2 drop lavender essential oil) and soak them in it in a glass jar. Just note, there are no preservatives so it will go musty after 3 or 4 days. However, you'll likely have used all the wpes by then anyway! If you havent, just pop the remaining ones in the wash with your cloth diapers or laundry and make a fresh batch.

I love that these wipes come in different colours - choose 1 colour for hands and face, another for babys bottom. Or use 1 colour for home and another colour for your change bag, so you never run short.

  • It's machine washable and easy to clean off dirt. It won't shrink, stain or lose its shape in the drier. They are ready to use immediately so there's no more waste from dirty disposable wipes that you can't throw away because they've touched nappies.