Eco Rascals | Suction Bowl & Spoon - Yellow

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Eco Rascals Bamboo Suction Bowl is a must have for toddler meal times. This bowl REALLY suctions to your table. Set include 1 bowl and 1 spoon
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YouÕve likely seen this bowl on Instagram feeds or in a glossy magazine and other than thinking wow! that looks a lot prettier than plastic alternatives, you might be asking why do I need this bowl and spoon set in my life?

Well aside from the very important fact that is it so pretty and great for an Instagram feed, itÕs super practical. The silicone suction base means your littles arenÕt pouring their hot porridge on their laps or onto the floor.

If youÕve had other suction products that simply donÕt do their job correctly, you might be hesitant to waste your money on another one. We assure you, thatÕs not the case. You donÕt have to take our word for it, you can read the multiple reviews weÕve had to back us up!

Our bowl is uniquely designed by eco rascals and has a capacity of 300ml which is the perfect depth to enable kids to self-spoon feed.

We know parents are better than Scotland Yard detectives when researching products for their kids. This likely means youÕve read the recent reports about how bamboo fibre products contain lots of terrible toxins that are deemed unsafe for your child. When you buy eco rascals, you are safe in the knowledge that we only use 100% FSC certified bamboo and itÕs all natural. We donÕt mix it with anything else.

One last thing that might please you. Bamboo is THE fastest growing grass in the world and only takes 3-5 years to reach full maturity. ItÕs not under threat and doesnÕt require pesticides to harvest or grow. ThereÕs plenty more to go around!

Bestselling super suction baby bowl, the detachable silicone suction base comes in pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, red and grey. Suction works on an airtight mechanism to ensure that it grips firmly to the highchair or table.
Made of bamboo which is a natural material, organic, recyclable, biodegradable, grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.
Really easy to clean and amazingly cool to touch.
Suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and beyond. You can even use it as an adult.
Sold as a set with a matching silicone and bamboo spoon which is super soft on gums and very easy to hold.
Detachable silicone suction bases and spoon feeders are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, free of plastic, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

  • I should be washed before first use in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly ? this is how I like to be cared for after use too.
  • I don?t like to get too hot or too cold so please don?t put me in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwasher or freezers ? I might appear to be coping fine but I?ll last longer if you don?t.
  • I should be used with adult supervision at all times.

*I am a super suction plate, my detachable silicone suction base comes in the five core eco rascals? colours and works on an airtight mechanism to ensure that I grip firmly to the highchair or table.
*I?m made of bamboo which is a natural material, organic, recyclable, biodegradable, grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.
*I am easy to clean and I?m cool to touch.
*I am suitable for toddlers and beyond who are eating three solid meals or more a day. You can take my suction base off for the older children too.
*I have two sections perfect for separating my food and helping you to try new foods. Section plates are brilliant for helping parents to create balanced meals.