Eco Rascals | Bamboo Suction Dino Plate - Navy

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Eco rascals bamboo suction dinosaur-shaped plate has a silicone base with an airtight mechanism to easily attach to the table.
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Say ÔHiÕ to the newest addition to the eco rascals family. This little guy will make dinner time RAWSOME!

We love a fun fact to tell the kids. Did you know that Triceratops were herbivores and their favourite foods was plants and shrubs. Get your little ones to chomp through their fruit and veggies like our Triceratops did millions of years ago at dinner time.

Another fun fact Ð dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent of the world Ð we think thatÕs pretty cool. We should see if this little guy can make it to all seven continents too. DonÕt forget to pack him in your suitcase when you travel!

Fun facts are a great way to engage children and gauge their interest of certain topics. Talking to children at mealtimes is a great way to boost their vocabulary, and can be a great distraction from the peas touching the potatoes Ð but weÕve got something else for that Ð thereÕs two large sections in this plate meaning that you can deconstruct your toddlerÕs meals and make sure that the wet food doesnÕt touch the dry food or the sweet food doesnÕt touch the savoury food.

Dinosaurs love to stomp but this guy wonÕt be stomping anywhere. His amazing silicone ring which comes in three exclusive dinosaur colours means this plate will be staying firmly put.

Having a special plate can make mealtimes a much happier experience for your little ones. Our dinosaur loves to spend time with one of its closest ancestors the owl and doesnÕt mind at all if his little mate the snail is used for smaller meals instead.

Kids love having their animal plates and IÕm sure you will love it too. You can say goodbye to cupboards full of plastic plates and hello to a natural, safe and non-toxic alternative of bamboo products.

This lovely dinosaur is made with FSC certified bamboo. Bamboo is a great material as it grows super quick! It only takes three to five years to reach maturity Ð growing to over 30 metres in height. And whatÕs even better is that it doesnÕt require any pesticides to grow.

Two large sections great for separating food groups or hot and cold food.
Super duper suction base to stop the plate from stomping away from the table
Easy to clean with warm soapy water and it doesnÕt conduct the heat so will always be cool to touch for those little hands
Available in the EXCLUSIVE colours of Forest Green, Purple and Navy Ð and weÕve got a spoon set to match.
Bamboo is the BEST alternative to plastic at mealtimes. No nasty chemicals leeching into your babies food.
BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Melamine Free and Lead-Free

  • I should be washed before first use in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly ? this is how I like to be cared for after use too.
  • I don?t like to get too hot or too cold so please don?t put me in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwasher or freezers ? I might appear to be coping fine but I?ll last longer if you don?t.
  • I should be used with adult supervision at all times.

*I am a super suction plate, my detachable silicone suction base comes in the five core eco rascals? colours and works on an airtight mechanism to ensure that I grip firmly to the highchair or table.
*I?m made of bamboo which is a natural material, organic, recyclable, biodegradable, grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.
*I am easy to clean and I?m cool to touch.
*I am suitable for toddlers and beyond who are eating three solid meals or more a day. You can take my suction base off for the older children too.
*I have two sections perfect for separating my food and helping you to try new foods. Section plates are brilliant for helping parents to create balanced meals.