Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

Cloth Diapers Uncovered

Join Eggs & Soldiers’ Sofi Chabowski as she takes you through the huge benefits of reusable versus disposable diapers, dispelling..

  • 12th May @AUH
  • 21st May @DXB
  • 09th Jun @AUH

Car Seat Safety: Need-to-Knows

Eggs & Soldiers’ Sofi Chabowski gets to grips with every stage of baby and child car seats. Learn the dos, don’ts and ..

  • 07th May @DXB
  • 13th May @AUH
  • 04th Jun @DXB
  • 10th Jun @AUH

Safe Sleep: The First Years

From SIDS prevention to swaddles, mattresses and sleep-enducing nightlights, Eggs & Soldiers’ Sofi Chabowski shares ..

  • 28th Apr @AUH
  • 21st May @DXB
  • 26th May @AUH
  • 23rd Jun @AUH

The Best of Babywearing

The benefits of wearing your baby range from enhanced physical and emotional development… to having your hands free..

  • 29th Apr @AUH
  • 07th May @DXB
  • 27th May @AUH
  • 04th Jun @DXB
  • 24th Jun @AUH

Personal shopping session with Sofi

Everything you’ll find at Eggs & Soldiers has been cherry-picked and mum-approved by our brand founder, Sofi Chabowski..

Coming soon..

Introducing Bright Minds

Beginning and ending in song, our original Whole Brain Training class is a fast-paced, fun-filled experience that includes..

  • Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday in Dubai
  • Every Wednesday in Abu Dhabi

Baby Massage (Dubai)

Love Parenting UAE offer a 5-week baby massage classes for mothers and babies from birth to age …

  • 11th Jan – 30th June 2022

Baby Massage (Abu Dhabi)

Baby massage encourages interaction between you and your baby – promotes bonding, helps …

  • Every Mon, 09th to 30th May

Hypnobirthing (Abu Dhabi)

Hypnobirthing it is a logical, simple, practical… and very effective method. Helping you feel confident…

  • Every Sat, 07th to 28th May

Interactive Storytelling

Come on over for an interactive storytelling session! We will all enjoy listening to a story together but that’s not all. We will ..

  • Coming soon..

Free Breastfeeding Support Group

We will examine the common myths and worries about breastfeeding and sleep and will discuss why it is biologically normal for infants…

  • Coming Soon..

Intro to Baby-Led Weaning

Learn all about the baby-led approach to introducing solid foods, including general weaning guidelines, how to reduce the risk…

  • Coming Soon…

Baby Sensory - Dubai

Activities focus on brain, motor skills, language, sensory and socio-emotional development

  • Every Thursday

BabyCalm Antenatal

This 3-hour workshop is for pregnant couples who would like to learn about what life with baby will be like–and find out how to make…

  • 12th Mar

Hypnobirthing (Dubai)

Emma Robertson, with Simply Birth, offers 4-week group hypnobirthing courses to future mums and dads. Emma is a UK trained…

  • Every Saturday, 5th – 26th March 2022

Mother & Baby Music Class

Show Squad are a new performing arts education and entertainment company in the UAE. Owner, Siobhan Fanning, will facilitate …

  • Coming Soon…

Womb To World: The 4th Trimester

The Womb to world Workshop explores life with your new baby during those wobbly first few weeks and months…

  • 02nd Apr

How To Play?

How can I encourage independent play? What toys should I get for my child at this age? My child doesn’t play …

  • 15th jun