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Axkid Connect, the safety pad that helps you stay close to your child. It alerts when the car temperature needs to be adjusted, when your child has been seated in the car seat for too long or if your child is left alone in the car.

Axkid Connect is a unique product designed to save lives and protect children from hyperthermia or heatstroke and from being left alone in the car. Heatstroke in cars is more common than one might think, and every year incidents occur where children become overheated due to being left unattended in hot cars.

- Fits in all different types and brands of infant car seats, child car seats, and booster seats on the market
- IOS (iPhone) and Android compatible and easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth
- Integrated with the free Axkid Connect APP for easy access to manuals, product descriptions and installation movies
- Easy for you as a parent and an extra safety for your child
- Smart reminders and temperature alarms

With its highly sensitive (integrated) sensors, the safety pad helps you as a parent to be close to your child throughout the trip and detect circumstances that are not safe for your child. Compatible with all car seats and infant carriers, Axkid Connect is a super slim safety pad that is placed in your childs car seat. It is comfortable for your child, easy for you to use and can be easily switched between different cars. Since it fits in all different types of infant car seats, child car seats, and booster seats on the market, it can be used for a long period of time and even shared with others.

The safety pad Axkid Connect will let you know when it is time for you and your child to take a break. The safety pad is set, according to Axkids recommendations, at 45 minutes for infant car seats and 90 minutes for child car seats and booster seats. Axkid Connect also alerts when the car temperature is too high and needs to be adjusted. The inside of a car heats up very quickly during warm days and unfortunately accidents do happen where children are left behind in overheated cars. By using Axkid Connect?s temperature warning system, you minimize the risk of overheating. You will also get a notification if you leave the car and your child is still seated in the child car seat. Axkid Connect thereby reduces the risk of your child becoming overheated and ensures your childs well-being throughout the trip.

A free APP that makes everyday life easier. Its easy to connect the safety pad to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Axkid Connect app. Download and install the app Axkid Connect for free to your smartphone (works on iPhone or Android). Through the Axkid Connect app you can access manuals, product descriptions and installation movies which also makes the installation of your Axkid car seat easier.

You connect one safety pad per child car seat. You can connect up to two smartphones to each car seat. When changing car seat, you easily switch connection to the new car seat and thereby gain access to the installation assistance. If you don?t use an Axkid car seat you choose ?other model? when connecting.

- Never wash the electronics in AxkidConnect, note that the foam pad inside contains electronics.

- Only wash the outer textile cover, this can be removed, and machine

- Washed gentle at 30C

- Do not - bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron.

- When reinstall the foam pad (B) have "this side up" facing the top side of the textile cover (A) (side with Axkid logo).

Between 6-12 months of battery time
Rechargeable Li-Po battery
iOS and Android
USB-C charging, do not charge while the child is seated BlueTooth SIG
The language is set automatically according to the specifications of the smartphone operating system.

Technical Specifications:
W 18cm x H 1.5cm x D 20cm
Bluetooth: 2.4-2.5 GHz
Water resistance: IP42
Detection: 2 kg+
Textile cover: 100% Polyester